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Barri Bryan



Barri Bryan is the pen name of Billie Houston. Billie is a wife, the mother of three, and a grandmother to seven wonderful grandchildren. She is a former teacher and educator, and a published author with over twenty novels, five books of poetry, numerous essays and short stories, and one how-to-write book to her credit.

She holds a graduate degree in educational psychology from the University of Texas, and has six valid teaching certifications.

She writes the kind of books she enjoys reading, tales of ordinary people caught in extraordinary circumstances and forced to make life-altering decisions.

She likes poetry, George Strait's music, old movies and Earl Grey tea. Her hobbies are reading, quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, taking long walks, and growing house plants and herbs.

Berri's novel, Starting Over, is available from our store and her new collection of stories, 16 Short Stories, will be released soon. 

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 16 Short Stories

16-short-stories-small.jpgWelcome to a wondrous world of short stories. Meet Horace Ganders who is weird and maybe a little mad. Share Prudent Pandora's encounter with Fate. Spend some time with a young woman who has come face-to-face with an apparition.Visit with Raye, a woman who wakes up with no memory. Call on Marigold, a misbehaving witch's apprentice. Share with its victims the mystery of Clytie's Pond. Travel to an enchanted land that is the home of Prince Connla and his Fairy Princess. Learn about Carrie's irrevocable moment of decision. Go with Susan to her life-altering homecoming dance. Vacation with a teenager on Padre Island. Look with Adie past a mask and into an old lover's eyes. Stella is about to learn how one truth can shatter a lifetime of illusion. Explore these stories and more in 16 Short Stories.



Starting Over

 starting-72914.1452540132.220.320.jpgAfter twenty years, Burt Carlisle is still deeply in love with his wife. He has not always been a model husband. His prime objective over the last twenty years has been to become a successful attorney. A sudden shift in circumstances makes him realize he could lose the woman he adores. He begins to take stock of his life and reassess his options. 

Diane Carlisle adores her husband. Over the past few years she has begun to question his love for her. When Burt forgets their twentieth wedding anniversary, she realizes how empty her present existence is. She sets her course and begins the painful and sometimes treacherous journey toward emotional maturity and a more positive future. Will that future include Burt? Only time can tell.

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Older Heroine and Hero



What Will Suffice

One Hundred Poems

The subject matter of these one-hundred poems is diverse and varied with vivid and recognizable impressions, originality of diction, and variance in tone. Each poem has a life of its own. The theme is the common thread of humanity that speaks to the heart through many forms, melodious language, and personal emotions.  The author's devotion to craftsmanship lends immediacy and expressiveness to a wide variety of charming and introspective poetic images. 

Genre: Poetry Pages: 89



Chapter and Verse

Chapter and Verse has one theme—love. Poetry is the language of love. Since human beings first discovered words, men and women have composed lyrical love poems about love's enchantment, love's mystery, love's drama, love's ecstasy, and love's pain.

The poems in Chapter and Verse were inspired by the poet's search for truth coupled with her pursuit of a personal reality. Truth once revealed can be recognized and accepted. Reality's markers are never fixed or sure. What points to reality today, may by tomorrow be no more than a broken milestone covered by a tangled growth of illusions.

These two abstractions share the same landscape. Their landmarks are different. Truth's signs point to the ageless verities of an outer world. They consistently appear to guide us toward external actualities of life. The search for reality requires a constant pursuit of meaning through that wild and untamed territory of the inner self.

The name Chapter and Verse was chosen because many poems in the book contain allusions to or imagery relating to, scenes and incidents that are derived from biblical events and actions. These poems have their roots in the poet's long and sometimes tempestuous marriage to her husband, Herb, whom she readily admits is the love of her life.

Genre: Poetry Pages: 104