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Daniel Wentzel

Daniel is a very content geek who lives with his beloved wife in central Pennsylvania. He’s a playwright, actor, and most recently a novelist, between writing projects he can likely be found playing board games, performing Shakespeare parodies at Renaissance Faires, or listening to Old Time Radio. His podcast of audio dramas, Seat of Our Pants Players can be found on Facebook or iTunes.


Coming Soon!

Ex-Cape from the Past

ex-capefrom-the-past-small-.jpgYears ago, she was Etherya, a hero who could walk through walls. But when a killer began targeting the “capes,” Molly Martin hung up her spandex and retired to a small-town life.

That life is shattered when she agrees to throw a birthday party for earth’s most powerful superhero, only to have him wind up poisoned by his own cake.

Now Molly must find out if one of the other heroes, all friends she would trust with her life, has become a killer. Or has a dark specter from her past returned? Not to mention, she also has a burly police detective and a superhero ex-flame vying for her affections. If she can balance the “super” with the “woman,” she might just make it out alive.