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Elaine McKay

Elaine McKay lives in Scotland with her husband and four young children. She graduated from Glasgow University with an MA Honours degree in English Literature and Philosophy. She dreamed her own children would experience the joy of reading as much as she has and set out to surround them with the most magical, fun, lyrical, humorous, loving words she could find. Lots of these words she read from the pages of beautiful books, old and new, some she spoke from her own heart, and those words were the ones that would become Grandma's Face Tells Her Story.


Grandma's Face

grandma-s-face-cover-copy.jpgGrandma's face has a lot to say. It's her turn to put her grandchild to bed, but it's her cartwheeling eyes, her twitchy nose and the useful gap in her front teeth that make up the real bedtime story.