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Ellen Spain

ellen-spain.jpgEllen Spainwanted to be either a physicist or a librarian but always held a side interest in the publishing field. As Fate would decree, after a few years of studying geophysics at the University of Pittsburgh, Ellen progressed to law school, which provided the professional basis for her plus thirty-year career, happily working in federal field investigations. And during those years, Ellen also managed to earn a Doctorate in Psychology, get licensed in Complementary Medicine, earn a Doctor of Divinity degree, and a Masters of Arts in Writing (fiction).

Ellen prefers to write inspirational-style thriller and mystery fiction with characters emulating from her research, her experience from her government travels and in her real life. See www.EllenSpain.com for more details. Ellen's decades of on-going research in Near-Death-Experiences and her research in psychic techniques stem from her long-term relationship with the Assoc. for Research & Enlightenment/Edgar Cayce Foundation and with the Institute of Noetic Science. Ellen holds author memberships with Intl. Thriller Writers, RWA, EPIC, SCBWI, PARSEC, PW, IONS, Historical Society and the Carnegie.  website-icon-hi.png


 Secrets in the Fog: The Invisibility Project


Invisibility is more than the illusion a good magician performs when she makes a tiger or a Hummer disappear. FACT: The real invisibility cloak was developed by the Federal government and is used to-date by the military. Now imagine a scenario that took place a few months ago, when some college students born with special psychic abilities stumble upon a secured government island test site shrouded in secrecy by the Defense Intelligence Agency. The Invisibility Project is a YA thriller with paranormal undertones in which teenage prodigy Morgan Walker discovers her destiny while attending college in Bar Harbor, Maine. She develops a very close friendship with Peter Dugua, a Passamaquoddy Native American intent on preserving his Indian heritage. As they secretly investigate why nearby Acadia Laboratory is producing a black toxic fog, they discover that the Defense Intelligence Agency is secretly testing a highly classified invisibility cloaking device on nearby Gull Island, a wildlife sanctuary. The students get caught up in a life and death situation when they discover corrupt federal security contractors helping terrorists steal the invisibility cloaking system.

Number of pages: 252

Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Paranormal, Young Adult


Secrets in the Fog: Danny's First Love


Danny Fennchar is a shy, teen prodigy looking forward to attending his high school prom in a few weeks, and then onto college in June. There is a problem, at least to Danny. He is just diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and thinks his future plans are totally messed up. He doesn't have a date and in fact, being home schooled most of his life until high school, Danny never went anywhere without his mother. Danny feels very insecure until he meets Christine Dillon from his senior class, who is quite mature for her age. Their spring romance blossoms in the beautiful Bar Harbor, Maine lighthouse setting.

Genre: Young Adult, Romance

Pages: 68, Novella