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Eric J Juneau

 juneau-eric-sm.jpgEric Juneau is a software engineer who lives in Minnesota with his wife, two daughters, and a not too smart dog. He has had stories published in Electric Spec, Plasma Frequency, and received an honorable mention in the 2010 Writers of the Future contest. Merm-8 is his first novel. You can find him playing video games, eating candy, and blogging about his journey to become a capital A Author at http://author-quest.blogspot.com.








 Gene, a mariner-for-hire, just found a mermaid trapped in his ship's intake port. After ocean levels rose, Gene thought scavenging the flooded Earth would be a decent living. But he never expected this. Where did she come from? Why won’t she go back in the water? Is she a product of genetic engineering or the real thing?