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Former eTreasures Authors

eTreasures has taken a step back late in early 2019.

As we change focus and strengthen certain avenues, many of the book rights have been returned to authors.

We thank each and every one of these for being part of the eTreasures family over the years.

Please look for these authors as they move forward to other ventures and publishing houses. We will try to input their active links on their pages as we have them.





Chelsy Day

Christopher Hivner

JD Pooker

Evie Alexis


Joyce Reynolds-Ward


Ricardo Delgado

Delle Jacobs

Andrew Richardson


Ronald Joseph Scala

SamMarie Ashe


Eric J. Juneau


Betsey Atchison-Leist

Robert Freese

Margaret Karmazin


Pembroke Sinclair


Shea Gibson


Monica E. Spence


Sherry Gloag

Rachel J. Mannino


Joy Brooks

Jared Gullage

Barbara Miller

Barri Bryan


Kat Deacon

Heather Hiestand


Jamieson Wolf


Miles Wright