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Heather Hiestand

Heather Hiestand is the author of seven novels as well as many novellas and short stories.
Her first sale was in the mystery genre and since then she has focused on romance, eventually splitting her identity and becoming Anh Leod for her erotic romances. She lives near Portland, Oregon with her husband and son.

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Cupid Gone Wild

The Bachelor

When Cupid is involved, all plans go out the window and romance flies in.

The Bachelor coverAbbie Harper would never pay for a date. So why is she sitting in a karaoke bar bidding on the sexiest man at a charity bachelor auction?

Jake Cordalys is moving to Seattle in two weeks. Dating complicated is not going to happen, even if a single mother did just pay fifteen hundred bucks to make a Valentine’s date with him.

 Cupid Gone Wild

Sometimes true love needs help. Five Cupids take on a challenge this Valentine's season:

To match the most unlikely couple they can find.


The Bachelor Excerpt

Cupid's Report – In Progress
Cupid 1127 here.

I first encountered Unlikely Subject Abbie Harper on February 11th, while cruising Facebook for a most improbable pair to bring together. I would make an excellent personal assistant for you because I never, ever procrastinate. Also, I?m a thoroughly modern Cupid. Note my use of the Internet. I bet all the other cadets are out cruising the streets. How archaic!

Every status on Abbie?s profile was about her daughter. Clearly, she focused on family instead of herself, but I sensed longing beneath these updates for something else. This young widow needed to find love again, but my candidate would to have to be right under her nose. Like someone in her daughter?s life.

Abbie had Friended the Vancouver, Washington school her seven-year-old daughter attended and so I dug into the school?s Friend list. Who did I find, you ask? The most unlikely match for her of all ? Jake Cordalys. Yes, the guy is as sexy as they come, and certainly has no trouble finding the ladies, but true love has eluded him so far.

Jake?s a substitute teacher in the school. Not a perfect match for Abbie. In fact, I?m certain no one but me could brew true love between a wealthy youngish widow and a younger, poorer man, but I will make it happen. The impossible match!

Love this complicated takes time to sort out!