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Jamieson Wolf


 Jamieson is an award winning, number one best selling author of over sixty books.  Jamieson is also an accomplished artist. He works in mixed media, charcoal, pastels and oil paints. He is also something of an amateur photographer, a poet, perfume designer and graphic designer. 

 He currently lives in Ottawa Ontario Canada with his cat, Tula, who is fearless.

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The Ghost Mirror


 theghostmirrorcover.jpgYou have more Power than you know how to use...”

With these words, Mave Mallory’s life changes forever.

After being neglected by her parents for thirteen years, going to live with her grandmother is like a breath of fresh air. At her grandmother's, she is not shunned or ignored; instead she is loved for what she is. The Last Witch.

Following one of the Ghosts that inhabit her Grandmother's house, Mave steps through The Ghost Mirror into a world that is hauntingly like her own. The Town of Elements has many surprises; foremost being the magic that surges through Mave. Another: that something dark is hunting for her. Mr. Lavender, an eater of souls, knows what Mave is and wants her soul for his own. Mave must learn to use her Magic if she is to succeed. There is more than her life at stake however: If she fails, the entire fabric of Magic will unravel, destroying The Town of Elements and her own world. Mave must fight with all the power she has, if she wants to stay alive.

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