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Jared Gullage

jaredgullage.jpgJared Gullage was born and raised in Opelika, Alabama. Though at first a slow learner in reading and writing, once he began to do so, I grew to love it. His father always told him that to be a great writer, a person must learn to form pictures with words. Since him brother was the better cartoonist and visual artist, he worked at creating stories. Role-playing and an excellent education in English throughout high school honed his skills further.

Attending Auburn University, he majored in English. Throughout his life, creative writing and anything that makes it better, easier, or more worthy, has been that which appeals to him most. Often, to understand this world, he took his knowledge to imaginary ones to toy with. He's jokingly told his students that writing is his default setting and what he'd do if he had to decide on one thing to do forever. Writing is much less a thing he does, but a place and time, a brief leap from the boundaries of the mundane.


The Cagulant


It has been hundreds of years since the end of the Qwadro Wars, the apocalyptic time when demons rose up against the world of Trithofar and threatened to engulf all her peoples in death and despair. In the wake of these terrible days, the abominations of the Qwadro remain, the undead and the fallen, the vampires and ghouls.

It is the sacred duty of the Holy Restmen of Lignium to find and destroy these monsters, to purge the world of evil. Two such restmen, master and apprentice, must now investigate the scourge known as a Cagulant, a beast which has already wiped out a small town. It feeds on the naïve, foolish, and ignorant. It grows on misguided hopes. It is such an abomination they have sent Drakken Gregor Flinsk to face it.


drinna-banner.jpgDrinna, a young Kunjel girl, finds herself awake in a world her parents have only talked about, The Sea of Grass.  It is a place inhabited by dangerous creatures, vicious enemies, and even poisonous grasses. 

What’s worse is that she was preparing for the rite of passage where she learns to control the rage of her people.  Without the guidance of her people, the rage could be both a strong ally, and a lethal enemy. 

She has only her knowledge of this place to help her.  She must learn to use her parents’ guidance, question long-held beliefs, and trust herself or she won’t survive. 

As if this was not bad enough, someone is watching for her, chasing her, waiting for her to make a mistake in order to capture her or worse…

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Genre: YA, Fantasy

Pages: 357