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Keith Luethke


Keith Adam Luethke obtained his BA in English from The University of Tennessee and is currently pursuing a graduate degree. Other works include: The Wolves of Elkhorn Peak, Black Tamanous, and The Dweller.

He resides near the Smoky Mountains and in his spare time enjoys hunting for monsters and new fans. Keith enjoys feedback via Myspace and Facebook.

 Wait Until Dark

 luethke-dark-cover.jpgMove Over Dean Koontz and Stephen King!

The Shambling House of Horrors sits on top of a desolate hill. It’s the place where nightmares walk, and for a nominal fee victims can have their haunted adventure video- taped.

When Erin drags her friends to the haunted house they find the horrors are real. One by one they are hunted down and killed. Only Alicia escapes and house is closed for business. Alicia never thought she’d step inside the place again, until a new owner takes over; reopening the House of Shambling Horrors one year later. She contacts her ex and a group of close friends to unravel the mystery behind the previous year’s deaths.

But what she discovers will change her and those around her forever as they Wait Until Dark . . . You think there's safety in numbers? Guess again!