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Lynne Anne Bendoly


Following graduation from Cooper School of Art and Lakeland College, Lynne enjoyed a long career as an illustrator and graphic designer for advertising agencies and newspapers in Cleveland, Ohio.

Since retiring Lynne moved to Savannah where she writes and illustrates children’s books such as Tabetha’s Crow, Arny Armadillo’s Pillow, Rudy finds a Home, Princess Salina and the Unicorn.

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Ruby Finds a Home

rudy-coveronly-600x900-50480.1405329634.120.190.jpgWhen Rudy decides to  leave the farm where he has lived all his life, to seek out a place to call his very own home, he encounters many disappointments and finally learns that the very best place to be was back on the farm with all his other cat friends.

Genre: Children's, 5-9 years

Pages: 36 with illustrations


 Princess Selena and the Unicorn

Just as Princess Salina is to marry the Prince of Latonia, she runs off through the forest on her trusted unicorn, Moonbeam, where she finds herself in a terrible predicament which only a wise old wizard can save her from and then she finds the love of her life.

Genre:  Children's - Ages 6-10

Pages:  28 with Illustrations


 Arny Armadillo's Pillow

When Arny Armadillo wakes up one morning to find his pillow missing, he sets out to find it and meets a colorful bunch of characters along the way.

Will Arny Armadillo ever find his pillow?

Children's Ages 3-7, fully illustrated 24 pages.