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Noelle Jane Myers

noelle-myers.jpgNoelle Jane Myers lives in the frozen tundra of North Dakota and enjoys sharing her love of writing, photography and food with everyone around her. She is the moderator of an amazing writers group – Northern Ink. Author of the cookbook For the Love of Cooking, Noelle enjoys cooking as much as she does writing. Noelle takes stories from her family genealogy to use in many of her historical fiction books. Adopted herself, Noelle is a passionate adoption advocate. Besides writing and cooking, Noelle loves to travel and has been blessed to be able to visit South Africa, Mexico, Canada and the Ukraine. She hopes one day to visit Hawaii and France.






Coming Soon

The Tender Heart

The Carter Saga, Book One

Escaping an abusive guardian, Megan flees west to meet her long-lost brothers and finds friendship, adventure, and love along the way.


the-tender-heart-cover.jpg.pngWhen her mother died giving birth to her, Megan Carter’s father sent her to live back east with his mother. After her abusive grandmother has her sent to Bellevue Mental Asylum for a minor scuffle with her spoiled cousin, Megan must flee the only home she has ever known. Megan has an adventurous journey as she travels West by train and stagecoach to meet her family for the first time. She faces all the hardships of the West, as well as some prejudice from the local sheriff; but soon wins everyone over with her kindness and spunky personality. The sheriff is soon convinced as well, and the two begin to fall in love.

Fueled by laudanum, Adelaide's hatred for Megan grows once her granddaughter escapes her clutches. She alienates all of her family with her vendetta. Will Megan’s faith and newfound family protect her from her grandmother’s hatred?


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