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Carol North


Carol North, writes contemporary romances set in elegant or unusual settings. "Gifts for the Goddess" is her first novella. In addition, three of her novels and numerous short stories are published.

North has four grown children (who all turned out exceptionally well). She lives in Savannah, Georgia, where she heads the Savannah Writers Group.

 Gift for the Goddess

 gifts-93695.1286216186.220.320.jpgA ski accident lands American psychiatrist, Leila Darling, in a world between life and death. Her deepest desire is granted by the goddess of the mountain. The manifestation of her wish is in the form of Lord Rosh, a handsome East Indian skilled in the art of lovemaking as described in the Kama Sutra. To return to the land of the living she must leave her love behind. Can she make the sacrifice?

 Genre: Romance - Spicy

 Pages: 92, Novella