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Chelsy Day


Chelsy Day has always wanted to share the stories and characters running around in her head. It is only after realizing that these voices are fairly common amongst writers did she feel truly at home. She wants to thank all of her fellow authors for their support. Now if writing just burned a few more calories...  goodreads-icon-40.png

The Hollywood Hookup

cupidgonewild1-28164-29-75938.1295897771.220.320.jpgActor, Casey Jones, and stunt woman, Sandra Benson, have a history. Can Cupid get them past their animosity and prove that true love in Hollywood is NOT impossible?

Excerpt: Mission – Create True Love in Hollywood

Cupid 2234 - Final Report

Subjects: Casey Jones: Actor , Sandra Benson: Stuntwoman

Hollywood is not known for "True Love" and is not a place that makes staying in love and together easy once you have found it. Sometimes magic and romance live a life beyond the celluloid. And sometimes they end when the director calls out, "That's a wrap!" Love is the flavor of the month and can change with the wind if you believe the tabloids. We Cupids know differently.

So to demonstrate that I am up to any challenge, I picked a couple from the City of Angels. And not just any pair would do, I wanted Movie Stars. The most notorious subjects of all for the public break-ups and split marriages. If they marry at all! Success here shows my talent at turning lemon's into lemonade. For Casey Jones and Sandra Benson it did require a smack in the face to get them going...