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Evie Alexis


Evie Alexis is a native New Yorker. Born and bred a city girl, she has traded the tough urban grit for the softer style of suburbia, finding the setting suits her demure personality a touch better.

A true lover of the written word, she reads more than what she writes. She draws inspiration from life experiences, her vivid imagination, and the mini- chocolates she keeps near her laptop.

Her faith in God keeps her grounded and unlike her character, naturally optimistic. Her plate of life overfilled, she believes in the art of multitasking. It comes in handy with raising her two boys, though her husband is always ready to lend that much-needed helping hand.



And Cafe Con Leche


As a teenager growing up in New York City, Isabela Castillo's protective parents try to keep her sheltered from her environment while allowing her twin brother to get away with things she only dreams of doing. 

 While her Mama stresses the importance of maintaining their Puerto Rican heritage, Isabela has other, more rebellious plans. As graduation looms on the horizon, she enters a controversial alliance with the strangest senior male in Preston High. Will her newfound friendship cause her to lose sight of her heritage? Will the family survive Isabela's transition to independence?