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Jackie Paxton



  About the Author


Jackie Paxton is a Professor of Curriculum & Instruction at Arkansas Tech University, holding a Doctorate in Special Education with over thirty years' working experience in parenting and education.  Dr. Paxton is professional educator recognized by numerous International and National conferences for his presentations in attention deficit disorder, classroom management, autism, sensory impairments, parenting the strong willed child, gender learn differences, and everyday learning problems. He is available to present workshops/seminars on a variety of topics including; Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder and Classroom Management.

When Dr. Paxton is not teaching or lecturing, he enjoys the quality time with his family and writing science fiction. His publication, The Amazing Adventures of An Alien Hunter won an Honorable Mention at the Oklahoma Writers Federation Conference.


The Handy Dandy Quick Reference Guide

etreasureshandydandyguide-200x300.jpgThe typical classroom today is actually atypical. When today’s teachers walk into the classroom they see students who have a home life where they are being physically, sexually or emotionally abused. There are children who haven’t had anything to eat since their last meal at school the day before. There are children who are homeless, or living in a home where they may not have electricity or running water; or children who are living in their car. There are children who speak a language other than the one spoken in the class; or children from a different culture. Other children may have learning issues such as Autism which is growing at epidemic proportions in the United States. Children with attention deficit problems, learning disabilities, intellectual delays and emotional problems may also be in the class. Children with behavior issues may pose a significant challenge to the teacher’s ability to conduct a quality learning environment for all children.

The Handy Dandy Quick Reference Guide provides the teacher with a quick, easy to use resource for dealing with many of these issues in the classroom. The suggestions presented are teacher tested and have been proven successful in the classroom.

Genre: Non-fiction, Educational


31 Fun Ways to Increase Your Child's Attention Span

31-ways.jpgPay attention! When we were children we heard those words from parents, grandparents and teachers. The adults in our lives realized the importance of paying attention in order to learn a skill or master a concept. Attention is critical in the learning process. Regardless of whether it’s learning facts from History class, focusing on which column of numbers to add in Math class; learning to drive, or performing your job adequately at work, you have to pay attention to what you are doing. In today’s society children are faced with ever increasing challenges to the ability to attend.

An often over-looked resource to help children improve their attention span is to provide a variety of fun activities that allows them the opportunity to focus on enjoyable activities for an extended period of time. The key difference with this approach is that it provides a fun way to increase the child’s attention span as opposed to the traditional approaches of medication, behavioral interventions and classroom modification that only serve to work around the problem of a short attention span. 31 Fun Ways to Increase Your Child’s Attention Span provides a natural, fun way for all children to increase their attention span in a stress free situation.

Genre: Non-fiction, Educational

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 Learning Every Day in Every Way

 paxton-learning-cover-04030.jpgIn today’s fast-paced, microwaveable society, we are always on the go, rushing to and from work with stops along the way at the supermarket, the dry-cleaners, and on and on. In addition, the lawn needs mowing, and it’s time to take the dog to the vet. Parents of young children are also faced with the prospect that their child will soon be starting to school.

When your child arrives at school that first day of kindergarten, he/she is beginning a journey of learning that will take him /her through the years of early childhood to the late teens and beyond. The better prepared he/she is when they arrive for that first day of school, the easier this journey of learning will be. As parents, we know this, but a problem we face in today’s society is determining what our children need to know, and finding the time to help them learn.

This book is designed to answer those questions for you. It focuses on the skills and abilities your child will need to be successful in school. The activities are designed to address the specific skills that will be most useful as your child prepares to begin his/her journey of learning. The second feature of this book shows you how to address and work on those skills as you are on the go, or as you are doing chores around the house.