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Kat Deacon

My name is Kathy Crouch. My pen name is Kat Deacon. I’m married with two wonderful children. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I fell in love with the idea of being a writer in the third grade, when I made the finals for the Young Author competition. That sparked a need in me to continue to create stories. I enjoy creating characters with flaws to show that even in fiction we aren’t perfect.

My first love will always be reading, and I enjoy reading all genres. My favorite genres would have to be paranormal romance and YA. You can usually find me reading or writing whenever I’m not goofing off with my family.  

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The Gift

The Gift coverFrom the Prom Night Summer Anthology. All Seri Graham wanted for her sixteenth birthday was a date for junior prom and a car. Not much right? Seri goes from bubble gum and chick flicks to smiting demons and meeting her Gregori Watcher mother for the first time. Along with her two besties Maya and Lucy, using the gift from her mother, Seri tries to survive long enough to discover who and what she is and make it to the prom.