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Margaret Karmazin


photo-65.jpgMargaret Karmazin's credits include short stories published in over seventy magazines, including Rosebud, North Atlantic Review, Potomac Review, Confrontation, Mobius, Chiron Review, and Carve Magazine. Her stories in The MacGuffin, Eureka Literary Magazine and Words of Wisdom were nominated for Pushcart awards. Pipers’ Ash Ltd. published a chapbook of her sci-fi stories, COSMIC WOMEN and her fantasy novel, BONES, the story of a prehistoric Native American shaman, is available on Amazon.com. She also co-wrote the introduction for and has a story included in STILL GOING STRONG, Haworth Press, and December 2005. She lives by a lake in northeast Pennsylvania with her husband and two cats.


Replacing Fiona


 replacingfiona400x600.jpgImagine being sixteen again without losing the worldly knowledge gained from age. In Replacing Fiona, a “dead” ninety-four year old woman accepts such an assignment, finds herself in the body of a teenage suicide and attends the girl's senior year of high school. Only now, it is 2004 instead of 1928 and she is acutely aware that her spiritual growth and possibly the fate of the world depend upon her success. 










Flick Flick and the Dreamer

flickflickdreamer-600x900.jpgFlick-Flick is an arrogant hummingbird who looks down on Dreamer, a way too slow snail, and believes that she is stupid.  In turn, Dreamer thinks Flick-Flick is shallow, rash, and flies too fast.  But one day Flick-Flick is stung by a wasp and falls, very ill, to the ground.  While Dreamer spends the long night nursing the bird, they learn that their notions about each other are wrong and form a strong friendship.