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Robert Curtis


Robert Curtis has been writing fantasy fiction, short stories, poetry and non-fiction articles for many years. He is an artist, and has been the Midvale City Arts Council representative for their local arts and literature competitions for the past few years. He has been married for thirty four years, and is a father of six and grandfather of eleven.


Face of Stone


Would you be willing to lift a 3000 year old mummy from its sarcophagus and kiss the cracked and decaying lips as if you really meant it? Would you be willing to descend into Hell and fight a host of demons who were placed there to prevent you from kissing the corpse?

David not only had to, but was willing to….

“The Face of Stone” is a fantasy fiction novella about a man who must find and save the woman he meets and falls in love with in his dreams from a demon’s desperate attempts to take her down to Hell. She cannot tell him where she is, or where she was from. She is only allowed to convince him that she loves him and wants to be with him.

What they don’t know is that, although it is in his dreams, it is for real. And it is a struggle to the death….or life.