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Kamil Ali


d2529d65bf74ecb234fe36bcc5fd073d.png Kamil Ali was born in Kingston, a suburb of Georgetown, British Guiana, now renamed Guyana, after Independence in 1966. After attending High School and University of Guyana, Kamil migrated to Canada in the early eighties and now resides in Ontario with his family.

His passion for writing started in High School, due to his love for reading. He has always been an ardent reader of books dealing with the paranormal, hence the creation and sharing of The Appointed Collection. His philosophical ideas are shared in Profound Vers-A-Tales.

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The Initiates 

The Appointed Collection, Book One

The Initiates by Kamil AliKarlis Stucka, a successful Latvian lawyer, meets Satan's First Dark Angel in human form, in a Riga ghetto. Karlis experiences a terror-filled evening of unnatural events, as he is taken through the intense phases of training to become the Dark Angel's Lieutenant.
Karlis is chosen by Satan to become the highest ranking human, as a reward for becoming the youngest High Priest at age thirteen. Karlis and five of his teenaged friends conduct their first blood sacrifice, full moon ritual, which his Book Of Satan calls the gateway ritual. Karlis alone has the ability to read the book. His friends see only blank pages.

Karlis learns how to switch bodies, using the corpse of an albino African girl, who commits suicide by jumping over a waterfall. Karlis uses the body of the young lady, to become a gypsy queen, who leads a troop of recently resurrected dead actors and circus performers.

Karlis is groomed by Satan's First Dark Angel to perform mental and mystical feats. He receives constant reminders to discard logical thinking, which hampers his ability to perform his otherworldly activities.

Karlis's mandate is to build an army of devil worshippers, in preparation for the second coming of Christ.

The First Dark Angel of Satan is worried about a Tibetan Monk, who was born at the same moment as Karlis. Both Karlis and the other baby have the three main ingredients that allows ascension above all other humans on the Dark Side.

The First Dark Angel loses communication with the other baby, when circumstances led him to the halls of a Tibetan Monastery. The Monk has the power to overturn Satan's plan. However, as long as he remains within the walls of the Monastery, he remains safe from Satan's reach.