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Robert Freese


Robert Freese sold his first short story in 1995. Since then, nearly one hundred of his short stories have been published in various print and electronic publications.

Two previous collections of his short stories have been published. The first, A Place of Dreams and Nightmares was published in 2004. The second, 13 Frights, was published in 2006. Also released in 2006 was his chapbook The Drive-in that Dripped Blood. Summer 2007 saw the release of his first novel, Bijou of the Dead. Robert describes the novel as, “Your standard horror shocker about zombies attacking an old grindhouse movie theater.” (It will be reprinted by a new publisher in 2010.)

The exhaustive book of movie trivia, Lights, Camera, Trivia Volume One, which Robert co-authored, was released in mid-2008. Late 2008 or early 2009 should also see the release of CD Publications In Laymon’s Terms, the tribute anthology dedicated to horror author Richard Laymon, to which he contributed. Fall 2009 will see the release of his science-fiction/monster/horror/Christmas story The Santa Thing.

Currently, he is working on numerous projects, including two new novels and a non-fiction book about ghost hunting.

In addition to his fiction writing, Robert also contributes regularly to a number of film magazines including The Phantom of the Movies’ VideoScope Magazine and Scary Monsters Magazine, among others.

When he is not writing Robert enjoys reading and watching drive-in movies on TV until his eyeballs ache.

He lives in Huntsville, Alabama with his wife Frances. website-icon-hi.png


 shivers-cover.jpgCan your mind withstand SHOCK after SHOCK?

Before reading SHIVERS, the publisher asks that you complete this short psychiatric evaluation to determine the capacity of shock and horror which your mind will resist before crumbling under the fright assault of the ten terror tales presented.

1) I get queasy around sharp objects.
2) Insects frighten me.
3) I truly believe strangers are watching me and want to hurt me.
4) Things I cannot see terrify me.
5) The sight of blood makes me want to faint.
6) I am deathly afraid of hospitals.

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above statements, it may be dangerous to your fragile, mental well being to attempt reading SHIVERS. These stories may very well drive you to the brink of insanity. You have been warned.

SHIVERS: Those tiny trembles of fright that make your skin crawl moments before being consumed by absolute terror!