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Shea Gibson

Shea Gibson started writing children’s stories in 2012 after her daughter started exploring a love for being read stories and she loves every minute of it. From picture books to middle grade adventures, she enjoys exploring and sharing her imagination through her stories.

Living in the heart of Ohio, she is married to the love of her life, Arthur. Together they are raising their daughter, Marie, who is very independent, loves a good adventure of her own and has quite the stubborn streak, despite her special needs.



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Little Jake's Happy New Year

Little Jake's Big Adventures Book One

book-cover-with-calendar-in-back-.jpgLittle Jake loves his pancakes. He also loves big adventures. Today, his adventure is in learning that a new year has begun. But what does Happy New Year mean? Enjoy your own pancakes then sit down with Jake and a big calendar to learn what days, weeks, months and the change of seasons are all about.

Genre: Children's Picture Book