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Susan April Elwood


edmund-authorphoto-susanelwood.jpgSusan April Elwood worked with children in Northern Virginia for over twenty years as a preschool teacher, kindergarten assistant, and a library assistant.

In 2007 Susan and her husband moved from Northern VA to central Georgia were they founded Evermay Farm a small nonprofit farm animal rescue/sanctuary. With her love for animals as well as children it made sense to write a book about animals for children, teaming with co-author Clara Bowman-Jahn.

Evermay Farm is the setting for the book titled, Edmund Pickle Chin, A Donkey Rescue Story. The story is based on Edmund the donkey who was the first of many animals to call Evermay Farm home.

Susan’s hope is that the book will not only bring attention to the little rescue, but help children learn compassion and respect for all creatures. www.evermayfarm.org

Susan and her husband Tom are now enjoying being grandparents to and a precious grandson. In her free time, Susan enjoys photographing animals and antiquing. 

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Edmund Pickle Chin

edmud-cover-600x900-46739.1405329271.220.320.jpgWritten by Clara Bowman-Jahn and Susan April Elwood  Illustrated by Lynne Bendoly. Edmund Pickle Chin, A Donkey Rescue Story is based on a true story. Edmund, the main character, is an abused donkey who is the first of many animals to call Evermay Farm, a small rescue in central Georgia, home. Susan, Edmund’s care giver in the story, not only gives the shy donkey the time and patience he needs but gives him a new name every day of the week. The title takes on one of those nicknames she so lovingly calls him. As Susan starts to take in new critters, Edmund finds himself changing. As his name grows, so does his trust and acceptance. Edmund soon learns that he is not only needed but wanted. This confused, frightened donkey’s life changes as he becomes a hero, a babysitter, and a companion to the other residents at Evermay Farm.   


Print & Digital

Genre: Children's

Pages: 36, fully illustrated